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  • In India there are other advisory firms also, why only you ?

    In India we are no. 1 advisory firm in terms of quality of service. If anybody has any doubt can join other advisory firm and after that join us then you can see the difference with others regarding the quality of service. We challenge anyone regarding quality of our services.
  • Do you offer free trial service ?

    No we do not offer any kind of free trial service. Due to huge rush we stopped the free trial system to give full attention to our existing paid clients. Continuous free trial services only given by those company whoís clients discontinues every month and needs new clients every month. We are rely on our existing clients who renews every month and we donít have an issue if new clients donít comes.
  • Why your charges are higher than other advisory firms ?

    Our calls are highly accurate and in India only we are providing profit assurance every month. In terms of quality of our service it is much cheaper than other advisory firms. We designed the packages in a such way that small traders also can afford our services. Our subscription charges are included with service tax also.
  • Is there any provision of refund of money in cases of loss?

    Yes, we will refund the full subscription fee in case of not able to give you profit at the end of the month.
  • I have only Rs. 25,000 for trading is it enough for trading in your calls?

    Yes, you can start with 15 days service than after making good profit can go for the 1 month or 3 months subscription.
  • I am a offline trader and busy with my other profession, so can I able to trade in your calls?

    Yes, we have packages designed for offline traders like Ė STOCK OPTION BUMPER PACKAGE, STOCK FUTURE JACKPOT PACKAGE, POSITIONAL OPTION PACKAGE etc.
  • I am totally new in trading, can I trade in your calls ?

    Yes, we provide complete strategy and follow-ups along with our calls, so it is very easier to trade in our calls.
  • What is the procedure to subscribe?

    You can subscribe with us by depositing cheque, cash in our account or by net banking or by credit card. However you need to inform us with payment details after making payment, so as to avoid any delay in starting your services.
  • What are the modes of Payments?

    We Accept payments through All types of Credit Cards, Online Netbanking, Cheque deposit, Online Funds Transfers, DD & Cash deposit. In case of Cash kindly add Rs.125/- extra towards banking charges.
  • How to contact you on the marketing hours?

    On the trading hours clients need very quick response to clear the doubts regarding the calls, thatís why we have a dedicated large technical support team to reply our clients in a very quick time.
  • How should I use my capital in your calls?

    We have a unique support team, specially for managing your fund related queries. After subscription this team will give you complete guidance regarding how to use your capital to get maximum profit from our calls.
  • Will I get calls timely?

    We have a dedicated SMS server (in India only we have a dedicated SMS server like that) to ensure that our clients gets the calls as early as possible.
  • What kind of live support you have?

    We provide live support to our clients through telephone, yahoo messenger, gtalk etc.
  • Do you provide some special services?

    Yes, we have a special service for clients who has a fund of more than 1.5+ lac.