10 Makeup Mistakes Every Woman Over 40 Should Avoid

1. Using Too Much Foundation

Heavy foundation can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. For a natural look, choose lighter, hydrating formulations or tinted moisturizers.

2. Skipping Primer

Primer smooths pores and fine wrinkles and prepares makeup for application. Hydrating or blurring primers target certain skin issues.

3. Too Much Powder

Too much powder can dry skin and exaggerate wrinkles. Use a little translucent powder to set makeup in the T-zone and shine-prone areas.

4. Eyebrow Neglect

Sparse or over-tweezed eyebrows age. Use a brow pencil or powder to define and frame the face without harsh lines for a natural look.

5. Applying Dark Eyeliner All Around

Applying strong, thick eyeliner around the eyes might make them appear smaller. Instead, use softer colors and upper lash line eyeliner to lift and define the eyes.

6. Skipping Eye Primer

 Age-related crepiness can cause eyeshadow to crease. Eye primer prevents creasing and keeps eyeshadow in place.

7. Overusing Shimmer

 Shimmer adds radiance but highlights fine creases and wrinkles. Use shimmer sparingly on the inner eye corners and brow bone.

8. Neglecting Blush

Blush adds youthful warmth. Apply a natural-colored cream or powder blush to the cheek apples for a healthy glow.

9. Ignoring Lip Liner

Lip liner prevents lipstick from feathering and defines lips as they age. Line lips lightly with lipstick-matched liner.

10. Only Dark Or Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks can highlight lip wrinkles and look harsh. For a younger look, choose sheer or satin lip tints.

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