8 Best Exercises For Cat Weight Loss

1 Interactive Play

Use feather wands, laser pointers, or balls to get your cat moving and exercising. To keep kids engaged, rotate toys.

2. Cat Trees Or Towers

A cat tree or tower with multiple levels, hiding locations, and dangling toys can stimulate climbing, jumping, and exercise. Cats enjoy vertical exploration, which helps them exercise.

3. Chase And Fetch

 Some cats like to chase and fetch little toys like crumpled paper balls. Toys can be thrown for them to chase and fetch, stimulating and exercising them.

4. Obstacle Courses

Create an indoor obstacle course with tunnels, boxes, and platforms. Position goodies or toys to promote mobility and curiosity while your cat navigates the course.

5. Walking On A Leash

Certain cats can be trained to walk on a leash. Introduce the harness indoors slowly before supervised outdoor walks. Always use a cat harness that fits.

6. Catnip Or Treats On A Puzzle Feeder

Use puzzle feeders or toys that dispense rewards or catnip. This increases mental and physical activity as the cat seeks goodies.

7. Stairs Or Ramps

Encourage your cat to climb steps or ramps. Treats or toys on different levels can encourage exploration and movement.

8. Agility Training

Set up a cat-specific little agility course with hurdles, tunnels, and hoops. Train them to navigate the course with positive reinforcement.

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