12 Jobs That Only Attract Bad People

1. Politician

Some enter politics for power and influence, which can lead to corruption, dishonesty, and public resource misuse.

2. Telemarketer/Phone Scammer

 Some telemarketers abuse people over the phone by using deception or scams.

3. Used Car Salesperson

The stigma of dishonesty in used car sales persists, but it's not true for all salespeople.

4. Payday Lender

Loan sharks/payday lenders prey on vulnerable people by lending money at excessive interest rates.

5. Bounty Hunter

Police bounty hunters may use violent or dubious methods to capture suspects.

6. Door-to-Door Sales

Some individuals in door-to-door sales might resort to high-pressure or deceptive tactics to make sales.

7. Pimp/Sex Trafficker

These people abuse people for profit, which is unethical and unlawful.

8. Scammers/Con artists

These individuals deceive others for financial gain through various fraudulent schemes.

9. Illegal Activities

Engaging in criminal activities or joining gangs can involve individuals in illegal and unethical behavior.

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