Air Traffic Controllers Reportedly Using Drugs And Alcohol While Working

Some air traffic controllers allegedly consumed alcohol or illicit substances while on duty, according to the explosive report. 

Additionally, numerous air traffic controllers experienced occurrences of dozing off during work hours.

A staffing shortage has compelled numerous air traffic controllers to put in mandatory overtime, resulting in widespread exhaustion and overwork. 

This overtime requirement entails working six days per week for ten hours. Even more, according to the report, one air traffic controller reported for duty intoxicated.

As an additional illustration, the report alleged that while on breaks, at least one air traffic controller used marijuana and made light of the fact that he was still being compensated. The Times article was compiled with the assistance of government documents and interviews.

A significant number of air traffic controllers, according to the report, are fatigued and suffer from mental health issues. The report states that up to 77% of facilities in need of air traffic controllers are inadequately staffed.

The excessive number of near-misses and close-calls that compelled the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to convene an emergency meeting of nearly 100 airports this summer could be explained in this manner. 

The response of the air traffic controllers union was that the article fails to accurately depict the professionalism and expertise that air traffic controllers exhibit when faced with difficult situations.

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