Avelo Airlines Raises Pilot Pay Again

Low-cost carrier Avelo Airlines circumvents the pilot shortage in this manner. It compensates them. 

Since the carrier's establishment in 2021, it has increased pilot compensation for the fifth consecutive year. 

Beginning at $240 per hour, first-year commanders' pay will increase to $298 per hour by their twelfth year.

During the same period, the hourly wage for first officers will increase from $131 to $201.

It is comparable to or surpasses other low-cost airlines and regional carriers, according to the company.

Alongside augmenting its current fleet of sixteen aircraft by a minimum of five aircraft by the following year, the airline also intends to establish its own flight training academy situated in Orlando.

In contrast, the salary increases are among the most substantial in the sector.

The pilots' union reported that United Airlines pilots ratified a new four-year contract last month, which includes a substantial pay increase and other benefits.

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