Delta Air Lines To Eliminate 7 Million Pounds of Plastic With Paper Cups

Delta is finishing up a long-term study to replace plastic cups onboard with paper cups for hot, cold, and alcoholic beverages. 

This change should save the airline seven million pounds of single-use plastics annually.

Testing began December 5, 2023. A last transcontinental flight will test the cups later this month.

The airline will use paper containers on all domestic and international flights in spring 2024. Replacement will be key to the airline's 2025 goal of reducing single-use plastics. 

New compostable and recyclable paper containers comply with international laws and reduce landfill waste. 

Delta Air Lines has removed 4.9 million pounds of single-use plastics yearly since 2022. 

The airline's sustainability effort includes eliminating single-use plastics, switching to all-electric ground vehicles, and encouraging vendors and partners to go green.

Continuous evaluation, learning, and iteration are needed. Delta's identity is innovation at its core.

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