Lightning Strike Forces Hawaii-Bound Flight To Return To Las Vegas

Lightning impacts against aircraft are frequent.

You are, after all, discussing a metal tube that is in flight at 35,000 feet. It occurs naturally and is the result of an attraction between two objects.

Passengers seldom experience it, and the majority of the time they are oblivious to its existence.

A lightning strike caused a Las Vegas-to-Honolulu-bound aircraft to be forced to return to Harry Reid International Airport for an additional landing.

The occurrence transpired on a Hawaiian Airlines flight on Sunday evening. 

The plane, as reported by the flight monitoring service FlightAware, departed at 6:25 p.m. and remained in the atmosphere for less than two hours prior to its mandatory return. 

Hawaiian Airlines verified the incident and stated that eleven crew members were among the 289 passengers on board.

All hotel accommodations for the aircraft's occupants were covered by the airline.

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